Web - Wap Applications

With its experience in database applications, KOKTEYL develops web and wap sites that are mainly rich in content and that can be visited by thousands of people simultaneously, and performs both the infrastructure and contents management of these sites.

Since KOKTEYL mainly develops sites with potential users up to millions simultaneously, it performs designs and develops software bringing different priorities to forefront.

These priorities include:

Ease of use

The performance of a web or a wap site not well-designed may decrease in time due to the increase in the number of users and content. Furthermore, operating costs may reach to intolerable levels in time. Along with the increase in content, the pages that seemed very functional at the beginning may lose this functionality and become unusable. Not encountering these undesired conditions and ensuring the sustainability of the site require very special information and knowledge.


KOKTEYL has been developing popular sites with millions of visitors such as, operated by its affiliated companies for more than ten years, since … and it has gained significant information and knowledge through its support it has been providing to the operation of these sites for years.


Grup Siteleri-Group sites, one of the oldest websites of Turkey, features a very rich database concerning the horse races performed in Turkey. Along with the success of this website, Coretech, one of the affiliated companies, has undertaken the e-Tjk project in which all software of Jockey Club of Turkey except sweepstakes is developed and has successfully completed this project.  

After developing the website containing information about the football matches from all around the world in 2002, KOKTEYL team has become one of the most popular companies in Turkey. With its different users surpassing 10 millions each month and more than 200 millions of page demonstration, is the meeting point of people interested in football and bets. Furthermore, with the richness of its content, is the only company in Turkey providing match results and statistics. Some of the companies provided with content are Turkcell, Doğan Online, Doğan News Agency, Sabah, İddaa, and Vapio., site of, operating in mobile phones is among the sites most visited by Turkcell users. 

Following the success of, KOKTEYL has developed in 2006 with a slightly different presentation of the same contents. Today, is the second most popular football site of Turkey. 

In 2006, KOKTEYL has redeveloped the entire infrastructure of, that is one of the oldest and most prestigious news sites of Turkey and has undertaken its operation. In 2007, that provides tabloid content has been actualized.


Other Sites


KOKTEYL , being very selective with regard to developing sites that it will not be operating itself, has developed various projects with Turkcell, its greatest business partner. These projects include:

In 2004, KOKTEYL has developed web site for Inteltek, the only legal betting company of Turkey and is still conducting the operation of this site.


Within the scope of e-Tjk project, TJK’s (Jockey Club of Turkey) official web site has also been developed by KOKTEYL Bilgi Teknolojisi Hizmetleri A.S.

SMS Applications

In 2004, KOKTEYL has actualized the rich content of through Shubuo as a Turkcell service providing iddaa match results service and iddaa subscription packets. Due to the intense interest in football and bets in Turkey, these applications have achieved great success.  

Furthermore, through contents of concerning horse races, Ganyancell service of Turkcell has been actualized and this service is still uninterruptedly provided. 
In addition to Sms applications, Golcell service, through which match results are sent to the mobile phones of Turkcell users as cell broadcasting, is provided by KOKTEYL 
KOKTEYL also provides the whole infrastructure and content support of companies rendering match results service such as Sabah, Fotomaç, Fanatik and Vapio.
With its experience in packet and inquiry services, KOKTEYL aims to develop applications that require a great number of SMS and are rich in terms of content.

RBT - (Ring Back Tone)

In 2008, jointly with 4Play company, KOKTEYL has developed Tonlakazan system that operates on Turkcell RBT (Ring Back Tone) system and is started as a Turkcell service. 

In this system, Turkcell users may assign the advertisement jingle of a company from as their ring back tones and earn credits when the callers listen to this jingle. By this means, the subscribers will have the opportunity to reduce their monthly phone costs while the advertising companies obtain a very efficient advertising opportunity. The advertising companies may view how many people have downloaded their advertisement jingles, how many people listen to these jingles and many other statistics instantly by logging on to using their corporate passwords. Since KOKTEYL has developed the whole software infrastructure of the system, special solutions could be developed for the advertising companies using RBT and Tonlakazan system.   

Mobile Application Portal

In 2008, KOKTEYL has opened jointly with Turkcell. Software companies developing mobile application, market their software in this site. Thus, a great opportunity has been provided to the software companies through the access power of Turkcell to end users.

This portal also aims to be the meeting point of software companies developing mobile applications and software developers interested in this issue. Both the development of the software sector and serious contributions to the national economy are aimed through information exchange, joint project development and marketing of developed products through this portal by people working in the same sector.       

Advertisement Server

Noticing the rapidly increasing requirements of internet advertising in 2002, KOKTEYL has developed Advertisement Server (Advertisement Management System) software performing the gauge of advertisements broadcasted by sites and advertising agencies, generating a variety statistics and ensuring the simultaneous broadcasting of a great number of advertisements alternately in accordance with various rules.     

The adserver initially used for management of banners broadcasted in KOKTEYL 's own developed sites has later on taken the attention of advertising agencies and other site owners. In 2003, it has been started to be used by Zap Medya, one of the biggest internet media planning companies of Turkey. With its high performance, very detailed reporting possibilities, 7x24 support service and very appropriate price compared to its international competitors, the adserver software gauging more than 10 billion of banners monthly is being used by agencies such as OMD, Nanodrm, Netbook, Universal Mccann, Medya Gurup, Proad, Reklamz, Starcom, Hedef Medya and site owners such as Digiturk, Retro Medya, Internethaber and TRT at present.
Main features that distinct KOKTEYL Adserver from its competitors include;

KOKTEYL constantly develops Adserver software in accordance with the developing requirements of the sector.

Business Intelligance Applications

With its experienced staff, R&D investments and quality service manner, KOKTEYL aims to take place not only in the local market but also in the global market concerning Business Intelligence. It works in order to ensure that its customers gain the most benefit out of the business intelligence investments.

KOKTEYL consultants are able to generate the report infrastructure, and report outputs in accordance with the expectations by sharing the processes and product experiences gained from many different projects with their customers and create quality business intelligence outputs.

Customer satisfaction oriented service is the working principle of its staff that has gained project experience with Cognos, the world leading business intelligence platform of its business partner IBM.   

KOKTEYL team that features significant experience and achievements in applying and generating special solutions integrated to Cognos, also provides products especially in sectoral solutions as benefits to its customers.

IBM, using Cognos report packets, is capable of applying solutions in a different range from the integration of corporate applications such as Oracle-EBS, SAP, Siebel CRM to applications exclusive to the pharmaceutical industry.   

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