Web - Wap Applications
Since KOKTEYL mainly develops sites with potential users up to millions simultaneously, it performs designs and develops software bringing different priorities to forefront.
Mobile Application Portal
In 2008, KOKTEYL has opened www.turkcelluygulamalar.com jointly with Turkcell. 
Advertisement Server
The adserver initially used for management of banners broadcasted in KOKTEYL 's own developed sites has later on taken the attention of advertising agencies and other site owners.

KOKTEYL was established in 2002, primarily with the objective of developing B2C projects in internet and mobile environments.

KOKTEYL defines its mission as to offer its knowledge in information technologies to the users in mobile and internet environments in a creative and a quality manner and its vision as to develop and operate creative, functional systems with multiple users in mobile and internet environment.

KOKTEYL has divided its in-house organization in two units such as operation and business development. The Operation unit provides contents to operated and supported sites and applications, performs moderation and provides technical support. The business development unit adds new functions to the existing projects and develops new projects.

With its staff consisting of 30 people, KOKTEYL continues to create quality, creative and leading projects as a company that has developed and operated leading projects in the internet sector.

KOKTEYL Bilgi Teknolojisi Hizmetleri A.Ş.

Şefik Bey Sokak No:1 Kadıköy (Fenerbahçe Şükrü Stadium)

Telefon     :   +90 (216) 338 65 55

Faks        :    +90 (216) 338 65 35

E-Posta   :    kokteyl@kokteyl.com